Welcome to STEM Explorers

STEM Explorers was created by Ruth Tsui, an experienced STEM enrichment educator and Outstanding primary school teacher.

Using over 12 years of experience in educating children from early years through to KS2,  STEM Explorers provides engaging, practical and relevant learning opportunities designed to help children to explore, discover and make sense of the world around them.

Our unique, challenge led approach makes STEM relevant to all our learners, whether through stories for our youngest Explorers or real life problems for those in KS2. We are here to help promote the value of STEM to all children, regardless of their background.

STEM is for them.

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Our Mission

STEM is for them!

Developing characteristics of effective learning...creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, resilience, self confidence, problem solving and more!

To promote a lifelong passion for STEM in all children

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"You've created something special in my daughter. She loves you and loves blowing things up!"

- Becky (mum to E, age 9)