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STEM is everywhere, in everything- it’s all around us. The houses we live in, the cars we drive, the tablets we play with…STEM is all about creating, inventing and making to solve the problems we face in real life.

Combining science, technology, engineering and maths it helps us to make links between what we know and use this to become creative problem solvers.

It’s my job is to help you to enjoy and have fun while exploring STEM by setting you a new challenge each week that you need to solve.

Whether it’s launching a rocket, perfecting the recipe for the stretchiest slime, building circuits, making a catapult or finding out how strong paper really is….

What is STEM?

STEM is all about solving problems using our knowledge of Science, Tech, Engineering and Maths...why not try one of these challenges?


"She really enjoyed STEM club last term! She finds your way of learning much more fun and interesting"

After School Clubs

STEM Explorers after school clubs are the perfect way to develop creativity, self confidence, resilience and problem solving skills while nurturing curiosity.

We will introduce a new STEM challenge each week, maybe it's building a flood proof house, launching a rocket or saving a city from a volcanic eruption.

Our two programmes, storySTEM for KS1 and The Explorers' Lab for KS2 are designed to nurture a lifelong passion for STEM.

Preschool storySTEM 

storySTEM has been designed specifically for pre-school children, aged 3 to 5 years, introducing STEM through stories. Our purpose written stories facilitate explorations around different themes that help us make discoveries about the natural world and its processes.

It might be that we need to rescue stranded pirates from a deserted island, help an alien to get back home or find a way to keep our birds from going hungry.

All STEM Explorers clubs and workshops are run by Ruth Tsui, creator of both The Explorers' Lab and storySTEM.

Ruth is an experienced STEM enrichment educator and experienced primary school teacher.

Using over 12 years of experience in educating children from early years through to KS2,  STEM Explorers provides engaging, practical and relevant learning opportunities designed to help children to explore, discover and make sense of the world around them.

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