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Awe and wonder in Space!

Space inspires awe and wonder in our youngest of Explorers. It’s so vast, so far away, it ignites a passion to explore and find out more. It sparks imagination!

Each year Space Day is celebrated in early May, created in the 90s as a way to promote STEM to young learners.

I love exploring Space with children in the Early Years, planets, rockets, moon and stars, there’s so much you could do!

Here are a few of my favourite, easy to set up, STEM focused invitations to play:

Milk Bottle Rockets

Start exploring forces with these super simple rockets that will excite and delight!

  1. Wash and dry an old milk bottle
  2. Make a paper cone (you can decorate this if you like)
  3. Pop the cone onto the bottle and clap the sides together
  4. Watch your rocket soar into the sky!

Moon rocks

This simple set up involves wrapping objects in foil, to create your moon rocks, and a balance scale- which is heavier, which is lighter? Can you make the scales balance?

Junk Model Rockets

Set up your construction area with recycled materials, tape and scissors. Challenge your children to design a machine to take an astronaut into space!

Moon Craters

The surface of the moon is covered in craters and this slightly messy activity explores what happens to the moon’s surface (flour and cocoa powder) when an asteroid (small stone!) hits it. Try dropping the stones from different heights and angles to compare the size of the craters created!

Building awe and wonder into every day

STEM Explorers® empowers your team to create learning opportunities that build awe and wonder into every day. Nurturing skills across the 7 areas of learning in the Early Years, enabling your children to become creative, confident and curious learners.

If you want to know how to get started with building awe and wonder into every day in your early years setting through STEM focused learning opportunities you can sign up to access my free training session here:

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