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BSW 2022 Growing Cities

It’s that time of year again where Science coordinators up and down the country begin to scratch their heads and wonder “What are we doing for Science Week this year?”.

British Science Week is an annual celebration of all things STEM and by getting involved at your school you’ll be raising the profile of STEM, boosting participation and engagement with STEM based learning and raising Science Capital.

It’s a great opportunity to bring in external providers if you have the budget, but if not, then there’s always STEM Ambassadors, parents in STEM fields or you can plan your own activities to enrich the learning experience.

This year’s theme is all about Growth, and here at STEM Explorers we’re focusing on the growth of cities, with a range of suggested STEM challenges that will encourage cross-curricular learning from EYFS through to year 6. Grab your free activity planner to share with your team or keep reading for 12 STEM Challenge ideas to try this year.


  • Why not try building simple waterproof shelters using recycled materials or even cocktail sticks and jelly beans?
  • You could explore planting and growing by challenging your pupils to grow their own mini gardens, this could be as simple as a bean in a bag, a terranium or if you have the outdoor space available you could think big!
  • Learn about biodiversity in your school environment by making bird feeders and then spend the week observing the species which visit. Why not explore data handling and present your findings to the rest of the school?
  • Sustainability and recycling is a hugely hot topic, and where there are people there’s waste that needs to be disposed of. Explore reduce, reuse and recycle with your youngest learners by making junk model sculptures or recycled paper.


  • Imagine your city is growing either side of a large river, how will you design the infrastructure to allow free movement between the two sides? Have a got at making paper bridges and investigate how much weight it can support.
  • Humans can have a significant impact on their local environment and sometimes things go wrong, why not try an oil spill clear up challenge as a way to investigate how environments change.
  • Where there are people there needs to be facilities for them to thrive, use your knowledge of keeping healthy to devise a fitness circuit around the city.
  • Green spaces are vital in our cities, can you design an irrigation system to keep the plants looking as green as possible?


  • Investigate renewable energy sources with your older learners, and see if they can build their own wind turbines.
  • People need access to clean drinking water, learn about filtration by making your own water filters to “clean” muddy water. What materials work best?
  • How are you going to transport supplies around your city? Are cargo ships delivering containers into ports? Will you need trucks to take food to the supermarket? Your challenge is to design and build a machine that will transport your supplies, maybe pulleys, wheels or levers will help…
  • What happens if you outgrow the space in your city? Where are the people going to live now? Have a go at making a floating farm or home to help your growing population!

Virtual Workshop Package

To support your celebrations, STEM Explorers have planned 4 Virtual Workshops for pupils across your school.

  • EYFS: Explore how we can be responsible for disposing the waste our city produces in this workshop all about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.
  • KS1: Investigate materials and their properties and use what you find out to design and build homes for our growing city.
  • LKS2: Explore how we, as humans, can have a negative impact on our environment and what we can do about it in this Oil Spill Challenge workshop.
  • UKS2: Learn about renewable energy sources and build your own Wind Turbine in this STEM challenge workshop.

You are purchasing access to 4 pre-recorded video lessons, teacher set up guides, supplies list and powerpoints for BSW 2022.

In person workshops

If you’re based in and around North Hampshire then we can come to visit your school to explore STEM and bring it to life for your pupils this British Science Week. With different STEM challenges for pupils in Reception through to Year 6 everyone will be buzzing about STEM. Availability is limited. Contact Ruth to book your date (

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