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British Science Week 2022

It's time to celebrate STEM in this annual event running from 11 - 20th March 2022. Find out how to book a school visit or access our virtual workshops below.

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In person workshops

If you're based in and around North Hampshire then we can come to visit your school to explore STEM and bring it to life for your pupils. With different STEM challenges for pupils in Reception through to Year 6 everyone will be buzzing about STEM.

Availability is limited. Contact us to book your date.

Virtual Workshops

If you're further afield and we can't visit you, or you'd prefer to "do it yourself" then we have planned 4 different workshops for pupils across your school. Complete with planning, lesson videos and powerpoint presentations the only thing you need to do is gather the supplies.

Access to these materials is via our online learning platform.

“The whole school from EYFS loved it. It has been one of the most successful science weeks we have had in a very long time. Often the thought of science week and what it may entail puts teachers off but every single of them commented on how seamless and wonderful it was."

Jude (science co-ordinator)

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