COP26 for children

Global temperatures are rising

Icecaps are melting

Droughts, wildfires and floods are devastating communities.

Our planet is in crisis!


Climate Change

The Earth’s atmosphere contains greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide which is produced when we burn fossil fuels like oil. These gases block heat from escaping into space, this causing the overall temperature of our planet to rise.

Climate change is a huge issue affecting us all, people, animals and ecosystems.

Each year 197 parties from every country in the world meet at an annual conference to discuss how we can work together to reduce the impact humans have on the planet. This is known as the Conference of the Parties, or COP.

In 2015, the parties agreed to an international climate change treaty agreeing to work together to keep global warming below 1.5◦C. We must all work together by living greener, more sustainable lives in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the planet for the benefit of everyone.

Here are some ideas for exploring a greener future with your children.

Make a wind turbine

Energy provides electricity to our homes, schools and everywhere we go. We need it to power our TVs, ovens, and a whole range of electronic device.

Go on an electronics hunt around your house: how many things use electricity?

Electricity comes from different sources, some are damaging to the planet, but others aren’t. Renewable energy sources will never run out e.g. solar, wind or hydro power.

Can you make a wind turbine?

Make Recycled Paper

Think about the waste you produce each week and keep a record of it, consider how much waste you produce is recyclable as well as what isn’t. How much of the packaging you have is really needed?

Have a go at making recycled paper by mixing torn up newspaper with water, turn it into a pulp, spread it out and let it dry. Simple!

Make a rain collector

Cast your mind back to the summer, did you use a hosepipe for your paddling pool or sprinkler? Maybe you watered your fruit and veggie patch? Being responsible with our water usage is essential to protecting our planet, especially as global warming triggers extreme weather events and drought.

Can you make a rain collector from an old bottle and use the water you collect for your plants instead?

Go on a Tree Hunt

Trees are a vital for our planet as they absorb carbon dioxide which causes pollution and create oxygen which we need to breathe.

Go for a walk and see how many trees you can identify by their leaves.  Keep a tally.

Could you plant a new tree?

Make a floating farm

Many areas of the world end up suffering from extreme flooding due to climate change, countries such as Bangladesh. The flooding ruins the land where crops are grown meaning there’s not enough food to go around.

Can you design a floating farm?

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