Foil Boats…sink or float?

This week in The Explorers’ Lab it’s Chocolate Rocks week, it’s one of my favourite activities but I’m keeping it under wraps for my members I’m afraid!

So what is your challenge for this week?

I want you to build a boat, using only foil and I want you to see how many passengers it can carry before sinking (we used marbles…check out the live video here).

Remember with STEM it’s all about designing, building, testing and reviewing…so if your first boat fails to float, don’t give up, try again and see if you can make it better. E and I only managed 10 marbles before our foil boat sank but I received a wonderful video where the Explorer managed 60 marbles in their boat before it sank, now that’s pretty impressive!

If you do better, pop me an email to let me know.

The summer holidays are just around the corner, in fact some of you have already broken up, so if you’re in need of some inspiration to engage and excite your budding scientists and engineers then my Summer Club will be perfect. I’ll share 3 practical activities each week, using simple to find supplies, and you get access for the whole summer break so you can repeat your favourites as many times as you like.  Join before 31st July and save £5

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