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Laying the foundations

CPD to support you to embed STEM into every day in your setting. 

"I don’t have to struggle to find the words or knowledge to explain things now. I feel more confident"





How will Laying the foundations help?

STEM is often overlooked in the early years, yet it is the perfect way to nurture their innate curiosity and to boost their cultural capital. Nurturing the skills that they'll need for their future.

As settings your role is to provide learning experiences that inspire awe and wonder. A lack of confidence can hold you and your team back, and yet STEM learning experiences both inspire and motivate our young learners.

Laying the foundations will help you move from overwhelmed to confident and inspired.

The framework states:

"Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. It is about giving children the best possible start to their early education. As part of making a judgment about the quality of education, inspectors will consider how well leaders use the curriculum to enhance the experience and opportunities available to children, particularly the most disadvantaged […]

“Some children arrive at an early years setting with different experiences from others, in their learning and play. What a setting does, through the EYFS curriculum and interactions with practitioners potentially makes all the difference to children. It is the role of the setting to help the children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live, through the seven areas of learning.”

about the course

Explore what STEM is all about and feel confident to build awe and wonder into every day

We'll lay the foundations for building STEM learning opportunities into every day.

Build confidence as you plan for engaging and exciting  STEM focused learning experiences.

Know the questions to ask and strategies to utilise to get the most out of the resources you already have available.

Feel supported on your journey with like-minded settings, share your wins and ask your questions.

Boost your confidence. Feel inspired.

Nurture confident, creative and curious learners

What will I learn?

We'll spend 6 sessions building confidence and developing our knowledge of STEM focused learning.

  • Session One: The Learning Environment
  • Session Two: The role of the adult
  • Session Three: Nurturing curious learners
  • Session Four: STEM in the natural world
  • Session Five: STEM in the physical world
  • Session Six: STEM in the material world

“Always blown away by kids’ natural creativity and resilience when left to their own devices"

Are you ready to inspire awe and wonder in your children?

Join Laying the Foundations

Let's nurture your creative, confident and curious learners together!

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you will also get one month's free access to The Awe and Wonder Academy to support you once the course is finished!

The next course will run on Friday 8th July and Friday 22nd July 2022. Our calls will be hosted via Zoom from 9.30am until 12.30pm

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment is made via card and processed by Stripe. You can join the course here

The next course will run on Friday 8th July and Friday 22nd July 9.30am til 12.30am. The training calls will be hosted via Zoom. 

The Awe and Wonder Academy is designed to inspire you to keep on building STEM into every day in your setting. The Laying the Foundations course is just the beginning!

Each month in the academy you will have access to ongoing support and inspiration with a monthly training session, monthly Q&A, activity ideas and activity cards for parents/ carers to build those all important home-setting links. 

Founding membership to The Awe and Wonder Academy is £17 per month, launching in August 2022 so that you can hit the ground running for the 2022/23 academic year. 

You can join The Awe and Wonder Academy here.

Absolutely, if you'd like to run the Laying the Foundations course for your setting just get in touch using the contact form below. I'll be in touch to discuss your requirements. 

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