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Magnet Maze STEM for kids

I love magnetism, a complex scientific concept that is accessible to even the very youngest of children- it can occupy my 20 month old and my 6 year old for the same amount of time as they explore the forces of attraction and repulsion.

Every magnet is made from a metal known as iron, or steel and has two ends or poles, north and south. Magnets have a magnetic field, which creates an invisible force which pulls objects towards it- you don’t actually need your object to touch the magnet it’ll work from a distance!

Magnets have two poles, a north end and a south end, just like the planet Earth- in fact earth is like a giant magnet. If we put two opposite ends together, like North to South or South to north our magnets will attract each other. However, if we put the same ends together, so North and North or South and South they will repel! It doesn’t matter which pole of the magnet we use to attract a magnetic object though, either end will work.

Grab a magnet and go on a hunt around your house to find as many different objects as you can e.g. book, duplo block, toy car, spoon etc, make predictions about which materials will be attracted to the magnet or not and then test it to see.

Magnet Maze
  • Old cardboard box
  • Felt Pen/ maze print outs
  • Sellotape
  • Marble Magnets
  • Wand Magnet
  • Scissors
  1. Draw a maze onto your cardboard or tape on some obstacles e.g. blocks, straws
  2. Now use your wand magnet from underneath your maze to move the marble magnet placed on the top- how quickly can you move through the maze? If you hit an obstacle or fall off the maze you have to go back to the start! Can you be the fastest maze runner?
  3. Challenge: cut holes in your box instead of having printed obstacles- can your marble stay in the maze?
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