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Paper STEM Challenge

It’s STEM Challenge week and we’ve been building paper bridges- it’s a surprisingly strong building material if you change it shape in the right way!

How much weight can a flat piece of paper between two beakers hold? Not much right? What happens if we turn them into tubes like this:

Can you make 3 tubes? One that is circular, another triangular and the last a square? Now place objects on the top, like blocks or books- which paper tower is the strongest?

You can see the shape of the paper is really important to how strong it is, so the challenge for this week was to build a paper bridge that was strong enough to hold the weight of two apples.

To begin with you need to design your bridge, research really helps so check out “Paper Bridges” on Pinterest!

Once you’ve got your bridge designed you can then go through the STEM learning cycle:

We start by building or making, then we need to review what we built- was it strong enough? After this it’s time to make improvements, how could we change what we’ve done to make it stronger?

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