rocket launches for kids

Rocket launches for kids

Our latest topic to be added to The Virtual Explorers Club membership site is all about Our Journey into Space, with plenty of fun ideas for rocket launches for kids. I’m not going to give all the ideas away but will share a super simple one with you today.

Explaining Rocket launches for kids is best done through hands on application, so we have tried several options, each time developing our understanding that for rockets being launched into space we require a huge amount of energy (created when rocket fuel is burned) to create enough Thrust to cause lift off. Thrust is a push force which lifts our rockets off the ground…now we can’t use rocket fuel at home but we don’t actually need to try and launch a life size rocket either so the amount of energy, or thrust we need is significantly less.

We can create simple rocket launches for kids using just a milk bottle, a piece of paper, and some sticky tape. Simple right?

Rocket launches for kids

  1. Take your piece of paper by the corner and fold it around to make a cone shape
  2. Tape the edge of the paper
  3. Cut the edges off the paper
  4. Seal the hole at the top with tape
  5. Place the cone on top of the bottle
  6. “Clap” the sides of the bottle to launch your rocket

Next steps:

  1. Try launching different size cones, or cones made from different materials (e.g. cereal box or newspaper)- observe which fly the best
  2. Try “clapping” more or less gently, how does this effect the flight?
  3. Try using different sized bottles to launch your rocket. What happens now?

Here’s another idea for rocket launches for kids

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