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STEM for your Explorer

  • Are you looking for ways to develop your child's creativity, independence, problem solving skills and self confidence?
  • Do you want to nurture their curiosity and help them understand how the world around them works?
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Weekly STEM Clubs programmes, in person and online

Suitable for children aged 3 to 11 years

New and exciting challenges every week!

Develop confidence, creativity, resilience, critical thinking and more

After School Clubs

STEM Explorers offers three separate STEM programmes, storySTEM™ for pre-school, storySTEM™ for EYFS/KS1 and The Explorers' Lab for KS2.

Whether it’s exploring the properties of materials to design a flood proof house, understanding what plants need to grow to create an irrigation system or investigating forces to design a rocket,  your child will be engaged in exciting and memorable learning opportunities each week.

Develop their creativity, self confidence, resilience and problem solving skills while nurturing their curiosity.

STEM Explorers Members' Club

An online STEM membership club with new weekly activity prompts to help you and your child explore together at home using simple to find materials from home or the supermarket. 

A video guide will help inspire your problem solving and point you on the "right" path, however you can try it your own way too, that's what STEM is all about!


Enjoy spending quality time together while nurturing their passion for exploring the world around them.

"It's a lovely thing to do together and I can give them that focused time that they need from me."

What is STEM?

STEM is a holistic learning philosophy that incorporates elements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a cross diciplinary way.

Presenting your children with different problems that they need to solve makes it relevant and meaningful.

This exploratory learning approach is about more than just knowledge, it also develops the essential learning characteristics such as problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, self confidence, resilience and creativity.

“The STEM ideas are amazing and keep my two busy for ages. You have sparked their interest and they keep asking for more.”


Get your free STEM ideas E-book!

Nurture their curiosity with these hands on STEM activity ideas

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“You saved my mental capacity last year in the first lockdown and created something special in my daughter. She loves you and loves blowing things up! The best resource for home learning ever!”

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