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Our storySTEM® curriculum has been designed specifically for pre-school children, aged 3 to 5 years, introducing STEM challenges through purpose written stories. As research shows, story telling is a highly effective way to engage children in their learning. Our storySTEM curriculum facilitates explorations around different themes that help your learners make discoveries about the natural world and its processes.

Each session is fully planned out for you, with suggested warm up activies including games or songs and our stories which set a new and different challenge to solve. Whether it's rescuing stranded pirates, helping an alien get back home or building an enclosure for the Lemurs at the zoo your creative problem solvers will be engaged in practical learning experiences.

Supporting you to deliver the statutory framework (2021)

  • Communication and Language skills- collaborative working, asking questions, sharing opinions, speculating and discussing solutions
  • PSED- co-operating with others, following instructions, showing independence, resilience and perseverance
  • Physical Development- in using tools to create e.g., scissors, tape and elastic bands
  • Literacy- new vocabulary, reasoning, sharing opinions, storytelling
  • Mathematics- shape, space, measure, patterns, sorting, grouping and counting
  • Understanding the world- exploring the world around us!
  • Expressive Arts and Design- using a range of materials to design and create

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