Summer Holiday STEM

The holidays are upon us, 6 long weeks of sunshine (maybe!) and no school…looking for some inspiration, then these summer holiday STEM ideas should help you have some fun!

If the sun is shining and your little ones are reluctant to wear their suncream then these simple “How to stay safe in the sun” investigations will be perfect. Or you could set your children the challenge of investigating how they might make water in the desert!

STEM isn’t just for sunny days though, there are plenty of activities that are just perfect for a rainy day

  • Build the strongest paper bridge you can using just 1 sheet of a4 paper
  • Erupt a vinegar and bicarb volcano
  • Make a paper spinner (change the design to see what happens)

Download your paper spinner challenge pack

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Time for a tasty treat? How about rustling up a batch of your own (almost) instant ice cream? Edible science is always a bit hit, so if you want to explore some more then this homemade lemonade recipe is just perfect…states of matter, density and chemical change.

Grab your 30 days of summer checklist

  • Build a cocktail stick and midget gem structure
  • Create the tallest tower you can using just 100 paper cups
  • Rustle up a batch of slime

Join the 6 week summer STEM club

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