Laying the Foundations

Confidently build STEM into every day without the overwhelm!

If you're serious about building STEM into every day in your Early Years classroom then this course is for you!

STEM is often overlooked in the early years, yet it is the perfect way to nurture their innate curiosity and to boost their cultural capital. Nurturing the skills that they'll need for their future.

"It is the role of the setting to help the children experience the awe and wonder of the world in which they live.”

As settings your role is to provide learning experiences that inspire awe and wonder. But it can feel overwhelming, it takes time to prepare resources and you might not feel secure in your own knowledge of how to teach STEM.

STEM really is simple.

I'll show you how you can ditch the high maintenance, one off “wows” and instead confidently build STEM into your daily provision.

We'll explore how to set up your classroom, help you get the most out of your planning and interactions, consider how to create a community of curiosity.

Plus for private training sessions we'll plan out your bespoke STEM curriculum for the year.

"Really Great STEM training with Ruth, amazing ideas and came away with lots of new knowledge...we look forward to further training with all staff."

Emma Reynolds- Owner- Scallywags Nursery

  • Ditch the one off "Wows" and learn how to build STEM into your daily practice
  • Create engaging opportunities using the resources you have available
  • Explore the learning cycle- planning starting points, questions to nurture communication skills and how to adapt opportunities to deepen understanding.
  • Learn how to get your team, your learners, their families and the wider community all involved in STEM!
  • Plan out your STEM curriculum focused on the 3 Is (for live training only)

Self Paced Video Course

Access Laying the Foundations Video course and take it at your own pace. Split into 12 bitesized videos you can watch one a week and implement between sessions to build your STEM provision over a term, or kick start with a bang and watch them all at once!


  • 12 Bitesized videos to watch with your team
  • Practical follow up tasks to support implementation


Private Training Course

Join me live via Zoom for this interactive course and get tailored advice and support for your setting.


  • Interactive Training for tailored advice and support
  • Bespoke STEM Curriculum Design for your setting
  • 12 months email support for continued advice

"Just finished some amazing Early Years STEM training with Ruth. She is full of practical ideas, passionate about the importance of STEM and how it supports life long learning skills for all children.

I can’t thank her enough for her personalised support to develop my own understanding, that of my school team and how to involve parents.

Plus we’ve mapped out how STEM fits in to our long term planning for the year around the new EYFS and I’ve learnt how following interest led learning is so easy using STEM to develop skills and knowledge.

Thank you so much, I highly recommend this course for all EY practitioners to inform, update or consolidate practice."

Debbie Holmes, Nursery Teacher, Nottingham Academy

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