Why should we STEM in the early years?

STEM in the early years inspires awe and wonder!

STEM in the early years is fun, nurturing, playful and exciting!

STEM in the early years develops creative, confident and curious learners.

STEM in the early years meets the interests and innate desire in our young learners to make sense of the world around them.

But what is STEM?

STEM is a holistic learning philosophy that incorporates elements of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a cross disciplinary way.

STEM is everywhere!

STEM is in everything!

STEM is all around us…

The houses we live in, the cars we drive, the tablets we play with…it’s in making mixtures, blowing bubbles, rolling cars down a ramp. It’s in things we can make and take apart. It’s in the explorations of how the world around us works.

Why is STEM in the early years important?

STEM empowers our children with the learning skills they need for the future.

S= observe, ask questions, experiment

T= inventing using tools, making things work

E= solving problems, designing, building, creating

M= finding patterns, exploring size, shape, volume

How do I get started with STEM in the Early Years?

Are you looking for ways to build awe and wonder into every day?·

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Are you wondering how STEM can help and where to start?

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