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Lunch time STEM Clubs

  • Are you looking for ways to nurture creative, confident and curious learners?
  • Do you want to enhance learning opportunities and help your pupils develop new skills?
  • Are you looking to enrich and broaden your STEM curriculum beyond the classroom?






Develop confidence, creativity, resilience, critical thinking and more!

New and exciting challenges every week and no repetition

storySTEM™ (EYFS and KS1)

storySTEM™ introduces your youngest learners in Early Years and KS1 to the wonderful world of STEM.

Each week one of our purpose written  stories will be shared to help introduce your children to the world around us. A warm up activity will lead into a challenge being set for your children to solve. It might be saving pirates, keeping warm in the Arctic or launching a rocket into space.

We're here to help nurture their innate need to make sense of the world around them, encouraging creativity and curiosity, developing communication skills and boosting their self-confidence.

So… how does it work?

  • Book your preferred day
  • Decide whether you want to offer clubs to all pupils or whether parents will register their child
  • Notify parents and pupils that the club is starting
  • Provide a classroom with enough tables and chairs for the attendees
  • We'll arrive weekly to deliver our clubs and nurture your creative, confident and curious learners!

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